Elle Gibson

Timeless artisan textiles + prints expressing the heart and soul of home.  

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Heritage Collection

Everyone has a history and most want to leave a legacy.  

Heritage Collection pays homage to history, culture and life experiences to create a visual tapestry in pattern, color, and silhouette. Heritage links today's lifestyle to the rich roots of our past.

Mosaic Patterns by Elle Gibson

Free Spirit Collection 

Embraces the individual spirit we want to embody in our homes.  

Free Spirit Collection is inspired by themes from nature, human emotions and symbolism.  These themes are explored in abstract and metaphor to create patterns that hold meaning as well as express beauty.            

Get to Know Our Story

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My name is Elle Gibson.

Working as a designer searching endlessly for fabrics and wallpaper I felt something was missing - patterns that tell stories and add meaning to the things we surround ourselves with  - so my collection was born from that desire.

I hope you will see my love for textiles in my collections. They begin in story and are developed using a variety of artistic methods. 

I designed this collection to inspire you to create  spaces overflowing with personality, meaning and of course - joyous color!  

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"Just as a musician composes a musical score or a songwriter writes lyrics I create and paint what I feel."

- Elle Gibson